By Cassandra Kaczmarski, Lauren Medeiros and Sophie Bouquillon

With the winter settling in, the cold chills and snowy conditions are forcing students to bundle up.

Here are some highlights of what Western University students  are wearing on campus this season.

“For the makeup, I put an under eye that tries to match the shirt or something else I'm wearing. Or if I'm wearing black or a monochrome outfit, I’ll try and do something completely different.”

- Madeleine La Prairie, first-year business studies student at Huron University College

“I found this sweater from my grandma's stuff and its vintage and custom made from the 80s, it's about 40 years old. I paired it with my black dress because it's easier than a skirt, there's more I can do with it, I can put things over top, layer things and mix and match. It was a gift from my mom.”

Cole sitting, resting his hand against his face, half covering it.

“I just got this jacket from Poshmark and I’m really excited about it. It was super cheap and from the 90s, I'm basically in love with it. I built everything else around it.”

- Lauran Stoner, fourth-year environmental sciences student

“I checked the weather app and it was going to be a little cold today so I had to layer up. I grabbed one of my favourite hoodies and one of my favourite fleeces, I love the pattern on it.”

- Calvin Onate, fifth-year environmental sciences student

“I’m a big online shopper, I don't really like in store shopping because everyone winds up with the same stuff and I’m one that's really into fashion and stands out with my outfits — that's my personality.”

- Lexi Mastronardi, second-year BMOS consumer behaviour student

“I looked at the weather forecast the night before and double checked this morning to see if the outfit I chose would still work.”
“I do it every night before I sleep.”

- Wendy Gachagua, first-year psychology and biology student at Huron

“I saw this set on TikTok and that same day I went to Aerie and bought it.”
“People in high school used to call my Uggs ugly and I was like ‘I don't care, they're comfy.’”

- Shannon O’Neill, fourth-year neuroscience student

“I opt for style more because when I look good I feel good.”

- Emma Amodio, third-year SASAH and sociology student

“We’re opposite. I go for comfort because if I'm uncomfortable that's all I’m going to be able to think about all day — whereas she always says ‘style is pain.’”

- Olivia Gosse, third-year media, information and technoculture student

“Matching works — I try to compliment each piece with one another and overall I just want to look good. It's not too undressed or too overdressed.”

- Heber Antony, first-year masters student in business analytics

“It's our second year in Canada, we learned English last year. We need to wear a hoodie, and jacket, and another hoodie to stay warm.”

- Khaled Almejren, first-year medical sciences student

“I go for a turtleneck especially here in Canada, I'm originally from Kuwait.”
“I copied him with the jacket.”

- Yaquob Alenezi, first-year medical sciences student

Cole sitting, resting his hand against his face, half covering it.

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